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Apple iPad mini

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Write and send an iMessage

You can send iMessages to phone numbers or email addresses if the recipient has a device which supports iMessages. To write and send iMessages, you need to set up your tablet for iMessaging.

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Press Messages.

Step 2 of 15

Press the new message icon.

Step 3 of 15

Press the search field and key in the first letters of the recipient's name.

Step 4 of 15

Press the required contact.

Step 5 of 15

If the recipient can receive iMessages, iMessage is displayed in the text input field.

Step 6 of 15

Press the text input field and write the text for your iMessage.

Step 7 of 15

Press Send when you've finished your iMessage.

Step 8 of 15

Press the camera icon.

Step 9 of 15

Press Photo Library and go to the required folder.

Step 10 of 15

Press the required picture or video clip.

Step 11 of 15

Press Use.

Step 12 of 15

Press Send when you've finished your iMessage.

Step 13 of 15

Press and hold the microphone icon to start the sound recording.

Step 14 of 15

Let go to stop the sound recording and press arrow up to send the sound recording.

Step 15 of 15

Press the Home key to return to the home screen.